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After knowing about this program there comes a list of questions that students might get like why, what, how, when etc. and many more.

Professional Year Program itself defines professional in its name. It is basically related to a professional development of the recent graduates to meet the job requirements and skills related to do jobs in relevant industry. This is a developed program for international graduates from Australian universities or institutes to avail an opportunity to enhance their technical skills in the form of formal learning and practical exposure in their nominated skilled occupation or closely related occupation.

International students who are graduated from an Australian university with a degree that is not less than two years are eligible to apply for this program. This program is designed for total of 44 weeks in which 32 weeks is the study period and remaining 12 weeks there is an internship placement for every student.

Students graduated under stream Information Technology, Engineering and Accounting are eligible to do this program.

It is mandatory for IT students to pursue this program for their assessment. For Accounting and Engineering students its optional.

In other words, it is a training and practical exposure for international students to enhance their career aspects.

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