NCLEX Test (Only for Nursing)

NCLEX is for being a registered Nurse in Australia. It is an online test. This test is only for those who come from overseas and already bachelors of Nursing. The students who are studying bachelors of nursing in Australia do no need to give this test as they will become the registered nurse after completing their course in Australia.

It is also for students who have studied Bachelors in India and haven't appeared for the bridging test which is closed now can appear for the NCLEX test.

Student does not require any test evidence for enrolling for NCLEX.

Tuition fees for NCLEX = $3500. Currently there is a discount of $1500 which comes to $2000 to be paid for the tuition. The tuition class is for 2/3 months offered online or offline as per the student's preference.

The exam fees for NCLEX = $500. This test is conducted in any of the nearby PTE centers.

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